SIP Hay Making Machinery

SIP is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the small country of Slovenia, located to the east of Italy on the Adriatic sea. Slovenia is famous for its hops, dairy and wine produce, and is a major crossroad between Italy, Austria and eastern Europe being located in the narrow strip between the Alps and the Adriatic sea. SIP has played a significant role in the country's dairy and livestock industry and runs its own annual field days which attracts thousands of locals over several days.

The factory is located in the country town of Sempeter (Saint Peter), about one hour northeast of the capital Lubljana, near the major city of Celje, Slovenia.

Slovenia was the industrial heart of the former Yugoslavia and became an independent country in 1992.

The company logo is that of the Roman goddess Europa. The symbol was found on a tombstone in an ancient Roman graveyard discovered in Sempeter. As a result SIP adopted the symbol in its logo.

Although not quite that ancient, the company commenced in 1954 as a small workshop offering services to local farmers.

The photograph shows one of its early pull type rakes, now considered old technology by most European growers.

In the early 1970's the company embarked on a major investment in new plant and manufacturing equipment and commenced its own R&D group to expand its range of products, technology and features.

In 1999 a new environementally friendly paint line was installed with the latest technology. It is a fully-automated 7-stage process which includes pre-cleaning, application of a Zinc Phosphate coating for steel protection, a 25 micron enamel layer (applied electrostatically to ensure coverage into corners and crevices), powder coating and several drying and baking steps throughout.

The process provides excellent protection of machinery and components.

SIP now also manufactures and paints various components for the automotive industry, which is a great testament to their commitment to standards and quality.

As a result, SIP now exports 85% of its production and produces some models of hay machinery for several well known European brands including mowers, tedders and rakes.

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