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STAR 600 PTO driven dual rotary hay rake is for the large scale grower and professional contractor. The Star 600 has a high working capacity and unique steering feature it enables a wide range of working widths to accommodate different crop bulk and conditions. A PTO powered rotary rake produces a superior windrow (swath) compared to pulled and other rake types and this rake has several simple to use adjustments to best accommodate different crop and ground conditions.

Photograph for illustration purposes only - standard specifications may not match those shown.


  • The rotors are based on the sucessful single rotor Star series of rakes and have many similar features.
  • The rotors spin in the same direction to enable either single or double windrow to be produced.
  • The flexibility to choose between a single or double windrow is critical for large rakes as a baler may not properly handle a heavy crop raked into a single windrow.
  • Additionally, a side discharging rake gives the option of making multiple passes into a single windrow by either double handling the crop, or by raking a down pass with an up pass into a single swath. With this approach a very light crop can be formed into a single swath. See working example below.
  • Many other brands of large rakes have counter rotating rakes and can only produce a single windrow - SIP dual rotor rakes give you this flexibility to suit your crop conditions
  • The windrow (swath) is well formed for superior feeding into baler or pickup wagon.
  • SIP rakes generally have more fingers (tines) per arm than equivalent sized machines for faster/cleaner raking.
  • A fast raking performance with a clean raking action gives maximum crop yield.
  • Gentle on the crop with less contamination, and thereby ensuring maximum nutrient value in the crop.

Stepless height adjustment is achieved with screw adjustments on each rotor. The heavy duty construction is clearly evident.

It is constructed with heavy duty gears for excellent life and reliability.

Finger (tine) angle through each rotation is controlled by a strong enclosed cam track system. The arms operate tangentially off the cam track for reliability and long life.

Adjustment of the cam track allows the best setting for gentle crop handling crop from fresh to dry forage.

The rear rotor is hydraulically steered into the desired operating position which determines the racking width.

With the rear rotor offset left, a single windrow (swath) is formed with a selectable working width from 3.6 to 6.2 metres.

With the rear rotor offset right, two windrows (swaths) are formed with a working width up to 6 metres.

Two windrows may be required for a very heavy crop that would otherwise form a single windrow that is too bulky for baling.

The front hitch is a flexible towed hitch which is also hydraulically raised for transport.

The two rotors are hydraulically raised for transport and when manoeuvring so that tines do not disturb the formed windrow.

The rear rotor is steered behind the lead rotor when transporting.

The tine arms are removable and fitted to their transport position for a narrow overall transport width of only 2.1 metres.

Road traffic high visibility boards and lighting are standard equipment.

STAR 600 - Working
This Star 600, working near Tamworth, NSW, is forming a single windrow from two passes because the crop is very light. A windrow has already been formed from a pass down the righthand side of the photograph. The windrow is now being added to on the back pass.


Star 600

Working width (metres)

3.6 to 6.2 single windrow
6.0 double windrow

Transport width (metres)


Number of Arms

Tines per arm
Total number of Tines
PTO Speed (rpm)
Working Speed up to (km/h)
Working capacity approx (ha/h)
Power required (kW - hp)
30 - 41
Weight (kg)
18x8.5 - 4 ply

Follow this link for the full manufacturer's Specification sheet
Note different specifications may apply in Australia.

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