SIP Hay Machinery | STAR 360 - 400 - 430 - 470 Rotary Rakes
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  • A competitive professional range of heavy duty hay and silage mowers, tedders and rotary rakes, and manure spreaders with market leading features.

    SIP Hay Machinery

    STAR 360 - 400 - 430 - 470 Rotary Rakes

    SIP Rotary Rakes

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.


    • Pivoting linkage to continue raking while turning
    • Walking tandem axle for better following of ground contours
    • Modular rotor arms for simpler maintenance and repairs
    • Adjustable cam track timing for wider range of crops
    • Transport locking system for safety


    SIP Rotary Rake Pivoting Linkage
    • Hitch - Pivoting linkage allows the rake to follow the tractor more easily and continue raking while turning.
    • Stabiliser - The stabiliser dampens machine shake while raking.
    • Stabilisers hold the rake rigidly when raised for transport.
    • Floating arms - Category 1 and 2 lower linkage arms are floating to allow tractor/rake coupling to better follow ground contours.
    • PTO shaft with safety clutch.


    SIP Rotary Rake Tandem Axle
    • Walking Tandem Axle - Patented intelligent walking tandem axle system enables 50% less rotor oscillation when crossing bumps and contours. By maintaining accurate tine height above ground contours, the STAR rake gives faster, cleaner raking avoiding ground contact or leaving crop behind.
    SIP Adjustable Spring Tines
    • Height adjustable spring tines.
      Achieve high quality fodder with properly set and adjustable tines. Stepless height adjustment with a long crank handle that can be operated from the operator’s seat.
    SIP Rotor Angle Trimming
    • Rotor angle trimming adjustment gives cleaner results in light and heavy crops.


    SIP Roatary Rake Tines
    • SIP rotary rakes often have more fingers (tines) per arm than equivalent sized machines for faster/cleaner raking.
    SIP Rotary Rake Modular Arm System
    • Modular arm system for easy maintenance and replacement of damaged arms.
    SIP Teflon coated bronze bush
    • The arms pivot in Teflon bushes for long life.
    SIP Easily detachable tine arm
    • Simple to detach outer tine arm for rake transport.
    SIP Heavy-duty Cam Track
    • Tine arm angle is controlled with a bearing follower in a heavy-duty cam track.
      The hardened and tempered cam track is the largest in the market and some 50% bigger diameter than a leading brand.
    SIP Adjustable cam track timing
    • Cam track timing is adjustable ±15° for optimal swath formation for light and heavy crops whether silage or hay. For heavier crops, the raising tines are set earlier for forming larger swaths. For lighter crops, later timing creates a tighter small swath.


    SIP Rotary Rake Swath Adjustment
    • Working width adjustment
      The swath width is adjusted by the position of the curtain. The SIP rotary rakes offer a wide range of swath width to suit the pickup width of the baler or forage wagon.


    SIP Rotary Rake Transport
    • The rake is ready for storage with all tine arms stowed in the transport position and the side curtain easily folded with spring assist.


    SIP Rotary Rake Option
    • Optional jockey wheel for extremely uneven ground conditions.
    SIP Star 430 Trailed Option
    • The Star 430 is optionally available in trailed version, with raise and lower function done by the rotor under carriage.


    • SIP rotary rakes have a 2 year factory warranty for peace of mind


    Working Width (m) 3.6 4.0 4.3 4.7
    Transport Width (m) 1.64 1.64 1.64 1.64
    Number of Arms 10 12 12 13
    Tines per Arm 4 4 4 4
    Total Number of Tines 40 48 48 52
    PTO Speed (rpm) 540 540 540 540
    Working Speed (up to) (km/h) 14 14 14 14
    Working capacity approx. (ha/h) 4.5 5 5.5 6.2
    Power Required (kW - hp) 22 - 30 22 - 30 22 - 40 30 - 40
    Weight (kg) 495 550 564 575
    Tyres 16 x 6.50 - 8 16 x 6.50 - 8 16 x 6.50 - 8 16 x 6.50 - 8


    Click this link to download a brochure Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website. Follow this link to the manufacturer's website (SIP)

    Disclaimer: Specifications and features described on the website are subject to change without notice. All care has been taken to present accurate information, however, the company is not liable for unintended errors or omissions.